Who I am

Just a native Coloradan uncovering the food scene for Coodies (Colorado Foodies). I don’t care about the trendy chain restaurants or the haute cuisine scene. I’m looking for good food from chefs and cooks who have nothing to prove to anyone but hungry gastronomes seeking real food, with good portions, that is reasonably priced.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting the value of higher end places, as long as expectations and quality go hand in hand with the price. Gourmet is just as valid as greasy spoon.

I currently live in Colorado Springs. I love to travel through my home state, so I will be reviewing my Coodie experiences from all over Colorado.

Also, all the pictures posted are mine, taken by me at the restaurant. No stock images.

Published by SandyPMoose

Just a Colorado Moose searching for Colorado's best food.

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