Kneaders on Powers

It’s great to finally be able to go out to eat!! They say “if you cook at home you’ll be healthier and lose weight”. COVID proved them WRONG!

So let’s get into it…

I was craving a cinnamon roll. Really bad. So bad I didn’t want to wait on myself to make them. It was early evening, though. Places were closing. I admit, Kneaders was not my first choice. Or my second. I was literally prepared to drive to Johnson’s Corner, 115 miles North of where I live. Yeah, I am that serious about food. But every place I called had either closed or did not have any cinnamon rolls left for the day. I was getting panicky, so I searched Google for bakeries near my location. A few came up, and I finally landed on Kneaders. I convinced my daughter that she needed a cinnamon roll too, and off we went.

I walked in and the general vibe is upscale. To get to the counter you have to walk through a short maze of glass display cases stocked with what I assumed was the selection you had. There was exactly 1 cinnamon roll left, and it looked old and dry. There were prepackaged things in a shelf on my left, which also looked picked over. There were a lot of orange looking bun-like things, packed 6 to a plastic container, I grabbed one of those. When I got to the counter to order I asked the guy standing there if they had any more cinnamon rolls or if it was just the one. This guy was about 6′ 1″ and not the thin lanky type. He turned around, exposing a rack filled with pastries presumably sitting there for the drive-through customers. Yep, a pastry shop with a drive through. I bet those guys had a better experience than I did. So tall guy turns back around says, quite rudely, “yeah I’d say we do”. K. I got 1 cinnamon roll, my kid got a lemon tart, and of course the orange thingies that were pre-packaged but not labeled with a description of what the hell they were. We sat at a table like we were ordered to do, and waited. We didn’t know if we were going to be summoned back to the counter or if the rude guy was going to throw them at us. I was on alert, just in case I had to suddenly catch something.

A very nice young lady brought us our order and thanked us for coming in. I was watching the counter and the manager (I assume) was talking to a customer who seemed to be a little uptight about his drive-through order being wrong. So much so that he parked and came in. I bet he had to deal with tall/rude guy, who was standing behind the manager looking pouty and cross. Manager person seemed nice, apologized, took care of their order, and seemed to have made it right.

SO, was it worth it? Keeping in mind that this is a small chain, NO.

Cinnamon roll- small, dry, just ok taste, and very cold. The frosting/glaze was kinda skimpy. so I had to portion out how much I was going to eat at a time so I didn’t run out and be stuck eating the dry roll part. To me. the frosting/glaze is very important. I don’t know if they can heat it up. I was never informed or asked if I would like it thawed.

Lemon tart- Meh. Small, pre-made crust that probably came from Sysco or Shamrock; large prepackaged food delivery companies that sells to most restaurants in almost every state.

The orange thingies- the only thing that saved this trip. They were small, dense in a not-so-great-way, but they were the best thing we bought.

Food- C-

Service- D-. Would have been an F, but the nice lady that delivered our food saved it.

Value for the money- F

Proportions- D

Overall, don’t bother. Rhodes makes frozen loaves of bread, dinner rolls, and cinnamon rolls. They are found in the freezer section of your local grocery store, and they are quite good. They are made with yeast, and you have to let them rise. The bread dough makes an awesome pizza crust, too.

FYI- my first choice was Hurts Donuts. They were out of cinnamon rolls, but they had apple fritters. In hind sight, I should have gone for those instead, knowing that it would be delicious.

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